Hello-It's been a while :) 

A very warm hello to anyone who might visit after all this time...It's been a while You're very welcome and its a pleasure to be back and to able to say hello, how are you? How has life been since we last met in 2010...?...is everything ok?...are you happy and healthy Its been a long road these last 8 years and for very personal reasons I've not been able to keep up the website or post new material but that changes today-its a New Year and a new opportunity for me to give time and energy to Artists for…

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HAPPY NEW YEAR to all visitors to the site...my apologies for not updating for a while..personal circumstances have made it difficult but i'll post something very soon.Continued health and happiness to all who drop by and here's to peace breaking out in 2010 for a change. Dave


A very Happy New Year to all visitors to the site and let's hope 2009 is a kinder year for all compared to how 2008 finished up.We are in stormy waters globally without a doubt and in a sense we are also in unexplored territory in terms of the financial /job situation worldwide Fingers crossed that wise heads will prevail and we'll get back to what's important in life as well as dissipate some of the naked greed that has fuelled the last decade or so.Sometimes a shock to the system is what's needed to…

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Hi everyone, the CD is up and running and the feedback is extremely positive.Word of mouth is selling the CD and people love the variety on it.John Creedon over on RTE 1 (LATE DATE) is giving it great airplay and mentions ,thanks John.Its also been sent to other stations around the country and we hope they'll support us The CD is now available to buy on the Aware website ...www.aware.ie.. (many thanks to Louise Roe for facilitating that)- Also LA now has An Artists for Healing organisation which is non…

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Artists for Healing-Debut Project-LOUDER THAN THE DRUMS OF WAR-Vol 1 Click on Music for List of Artists/ Short Sample of Tracks "Louder Than the Drums of War-Vol.1" is the very first project under the banner of Artists for Healing and the proceeds from it are going to two organisations: Aware www.aware.ie and the Red Cross www.redcross.ie The creative contributions of the artists involved with the project are stunning and their generosity of spirit has been both humbling and educational in…

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