Hello-It's been a while :)

A very warm hello to anyone who might visit after all this time...It's been a while! You're very welcome and its a pleasure to be back and to able to say hello, how are you? How has life been since we last met in 2010...?...is everything ok?...are you happy and healthy? Its been a long road these last 8 years and for very personal reasons I've not been able to keep up the website or post new material but that changes today-its a New Year and a new opportunity for me to give time and energy to Artists for Healing and what better way to say hi again that with a song I recently recorded in the Rise Studio in Cork with the mighty Donncha Moynihan at the helm- The brilliant Paul Seymour is on piano and the ever great Jedi Noel Barrett is on Bass -the song is Something's Got to Change-a personal response to the madness of the last couple of years globally-we're in a mess, no two ways about it and there's no easy way out-the worst of our impulses and prejudices are being personified in a number of autocratic "leaders" across the world and whether love and truth will prevail is an open question but one thing is sure-we can't continue at this pace of unravelling -something's going to give..... and Something's Got to Change because the ones that want it all-they'll never change -its up to us.