Artists for Healing-Debut Project-LOUDER THAN THE DRUMS OF WAR-Vol 1 Click on Music for List of Artists/ Short Sample of Tracks "Louder Than the Drums of War-Vol.1" is the very first project under the banner of Artists for Healing and the proceeds from it are going to two organisations: Aware www.aware.ie and the Red Cross www.redcross.ie The creative contributions of the artists involved with the project are stunning and their generosity of spirit has been both humbling and educational in turn. I’ve also been completely knocked out by the practical, very real support and goodwill of so many others in putting the project together. One man in particular, (you know who you are), I’m especially grateful to for putting his money where our mouths were and by doing so made it possible to finish the project a lot sooner in a very real and tangible way. Thanks again for the act of faith in us. I hope you will support us by buying the CD and enjoy what it has to offer and every bit helps, every CD bought will add both to the energy and the practical side of what we are trying to do. There are links on this site and on the CD sleeve to all the individual artist’s websites and please take time to visit with them and check them out. They’re all very creative and extremely talented people and well deserving of support. I’m hoping you’ll check in from time to time and leave your comments or details with me to enable me to keep you advised of any gigs/future plans/projects that Artists for Healing will be involved in. By visiting the websites named in the links you’re making a conscious effort to be part of something positive.Thanks for saying hello and checking the site out. Add your voice to ours!