A very Happy New Year to all visitors to the site and let's hope 2009 is a kinder year for all compared to how 2008 finished up.We are in stormy waters globally without a doubt and in a sense we are also in unexplored territory in terms of the financial /job situation worldwide. Fingers crossed that wise heads will prevail and we'll get back to what's important in life as well as dissipate some of the naked greed that has fuelled the last decade or so.Sometimes a shock to the system is what's needed to wake us all up but we don't want to spook the horse to the extent it keels over ! With the new financial pressures in mind we're dropping the price of remaining copies of Vol 1 of the Louder Than The Drums Of War CD to €10 + p+p. The previous price was in keeping with more stable and solid economic times so its best we generate whatever we can in the present circumstances.Either way its all going to a positive place and any amount ,however small, will help.You can obtain copies on the AWARE website for €12 including p+ p or pick up a copy at reception in their offices at 72 Lower Leeson St Dublin 2...it's also available at the Irish Red Cross office reception area at 16 Merrion Square Dublin 2 Please continue to spare a thought and say a prayer (to whomever you pray) for all the victims of violence worldwide. STAY SAFE AND WELL -Dave McGilton